E-Sports and Children's Physical, Cognitive and Social Dimensions of Health

I have been coming to E-Soccer consistently for at least four years. I do it because I know that the program is a unique way to guide children in their development and to the amazing people they are meant to become. I am a recent graduate with…
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How to Use E-Sports Programs for Volunteer Hours for School

E-Soccer had taught me lessons that no SAT class can prep you for. I coached at E-Soccer for all four years in high school, and I continued coaching throughout college. My experiences in E-Soccer not only taught me compassion and empathy, but…
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For New Participants: What to Expect at E-Sports

Welcome to the summer session of E-Sports!   If you’ve ever been to one of our “E” programs across the Bay Area, you know that it is a place where families feel accepted and their kids feel included. Parents of children with…
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How to Build a Child's Confidence at E-Sports

“Welcome to E-Soccer Island! We are going to get ready to fly around the island, so put your arms out and get your wings ready! Turn on your planes and let me hear the engines loud! Ready, set, fly!” Every Saturday I get the opportunity…
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5 Ways to Communicate with a Nonverbal Child at E-Sports

“Just because a person can’t speak doesn’t mean they have nothing to say.” A very important reminder from a parent of a nonverbal child.   Communication is a basic human need but doesn’t happen in the same ways with every…
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E-Karate: Coach’s Perspective

I joined E-Karate in the winter of 2011 because of a TV show. I had recently been sucked into the mainstream, action-packed sci-fi/fantasy-ish anime, Dragon Ball Z Kai, and my simple-minded 12-year-old self suddenly felt compelled to do martial…
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Lessons Learned From The San Jose Sharks

The crowd, the fans, the player—no one could believe it. On Wednesday night, May 25, SAP Center erupted into complete and utter pandemonium as history was made. For the first time in 25 years, the San Jose Sharks were moving on to the Stanley…

E-Sports: Turn Hyperactivity into Productivity With Sports

Physical activity is a perfect way to turn hyperactivity into productivity. Hyperactivity, commonly seen in ADHD, reveals a child’s need to move, express, and not be contained. Physical activity is an outlet that allows motor skills to improve…
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Build Character Through E-Sports

Character is defined as “the way someone thinks, feels, and behaves; a set of qualities that are shared by many people in a group; a set of qualities that make a place or thing different from other places or things”. In the sports world…

Quote of the Day: E-Soccer

Champions keep playing until they get it right. Billie Jean King