An “E-nvironment” for All to Excel

We strive to create a unique “e-nvironment”. It’s our strong belief and philosophy that building character traits such as patience, perseverance, selflessness, courage, and commitment are equally as important to the developing athlete as teaching the motor skills and game knowledge for a sport. It’s beneficial for the kids to be trained in an environment where there are a wide array of strengths and challenges. So we aim to build an environment where effort and cooperation are valued over simply skill performance and personal success. A big part of having a “winning attitude” is striving to make the group successful and not just self.

By reshaping and re-framing what makes a successful sports program for kids, success in E-Athletics is defined by making everyone in the group successful. No child is left behind or left out from our practices. By doing this, we help kids overcome the “intimidation factor” and build incredible confidence in the social arena of athletics.