Become a Great E-Sports Coach – The Four E’s


  1. Energize – maintaining high energy from start to finish keeps your players captivated and attentive to what you’re teaching!
  2. Engage – change the tone and inflection of your voice, ask questions and be interested in your players interests (favorite color, TV show, animal, superhero, sports team, etc.), and be constantly animated to keep your players engaged!
  3. Expect – when you challenge and push your players beyond what’s comfortable but not unattainable (the “just-right-challenge”), you are expressing belief and vision in their ability to grow and develop – to be more! This will inspire them to keep coming back for more!
  4. Encourage – the power of rewards is amazing. Constantly be working to discover what unique rewards motivate each of your players. Also, talk to parents as your key allies to better understand their kids and what motivates and rewards them!