Training Spotlight - FC Barcelona's "Rondo" Passing Drill

At E-Soccer we often start our sessions with the younger kids in a circle passing drill where the kids say their name or the name of another in the circle before passing. We progress by having them name favorite colors, animals, etc. before…

Spotlight Training Drills

Beginning this month at, we will begin posting "spotlight training drills" from one of many elite world soccer clubs (e.g., Barcelona, Manchester United, etc.) or NBA teams. Coming up this week will be one of my favorites used by…
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E-Hoops Inclusion Training in Action at USF (Video) Check out some video highlights above from the E-Hoops Training at USF! For related video on where E-Sports inclusion began, check out the Jefferson Award...

Team USA Basketball Passing Exercises Keeping in the spirit of Team USA Basketball going to the FIBA World Cup in September, here is a video on passing with Coach Cal. Check it out!

Team USA Basketball Shooting Skill Development

Check out this video from Team USA Basketball. Coach Cal talks about simple things you can do to become a better shooter.

Barcelona Master Control: Passing & Directional Control Drill

Check out this Barcelona training video for a very simple but multifaceted drill that employs passing accuracy, fluid movement, and directional ball control...

Simple Dribbling and Passing Drills for Soccer

Here is a great coaching tip of two simple drills to do at home or with your athletes that focus on passing and dribbling.