The “Magic” of Inclusion

Friendships forged on the E-Soccer field and in the E-Karate dojo make a lasting difference for kids with special needs who have friends to “champion” them & to be a “big brother/big sister” through formative school years!

  • “Some of our drills push the players to rely on each other. We try to put each child in a position in which they can work on a weakness, but at the same time they can utilize their strengths. This way, both kids with special needs and typical kids learn that they need each other equally.” (Sunnyvale E-Soccer coach)

For the typical child, E-Athletics programs fill a gap in character education and training that is not often addressed in most schools and athletic programs. The inclusive environment trains special qualities of heart and character: empathy, compassion, leadership, & selflessness.

  •  “As our group grows larger, the younger coaches are inspired to mature and grow because they are needed. Coach Adam has learned to be more compassionate, thoughtful, aggressive, disciplined, and selfless through his maturation as a junior coach.” (Foster City E-Soccer coach)