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What is E-Sports?

No, we're not talking about online gaming.


The Beginning

E-Sports are free, weekly athletic programs that apply inclusion.

The inception of E-Sports began during an afternoon car ride in April, 2000 with two friends talking – one, a dad of two young boys with special needs, and the other, a close friend with a lifelong passion for soccer. The car ride and discussion that day would mark the birth of a pioneering inclusive sports program for kids both with typical and special needs.

Since then, E-Sports has grown to become a sprawling organization that is empowering kids around the world of all abilities to reach their full athletic and social potential. To dive deeper into how it all began, listen to the full story on our first episode of the Digital Scribbler podcast.


What to Expect

First time at E-Sports? Here’s what to expect at your first session.

No experience is necessary for a child to participate in an E-Sports program. A typical Saturday morning session is comprised of warmups and activities, and they are great opportunities to connect with other parents.

Check In

Upon arrival, an E-Sports coordinator will greet you and help you get signed up and connected.

Find Your Group

Most E-Sports sessions are broken up by age group. We’ll help you find the right fit for your child.

Have Fun

Activities led by our volunteer coaches are a blast for both typical and special needs kids.


The Sports

One mission, five sports.

Since the launch of E-Soccer in 2000, we’ve expanded to offer the same inclusive experience across five different sports. No experience is necessary to participate in any of these activities. Only the desire to make friends and have fun.


Media highlights

Watch these notable moments in
E-Sports history.

Since its inception in 2000, E-Sports has received notable recognition both locally and nationally. We are inspired and grateful for the support, and look forward to seeing the idea of inclusion continue to spread.

Warriors Halftime Presentation (2018)

The Warriors invite E-Hoops to scrimmage at halftime for their now annual Special Needs Family Appreciation Night.

CNN Philippines (2014)

CNN Philippines covers E-Soccer after a successful and impactful launch in Manila.

Congressional Citation (2007)

Founder Russ Ewell receives a Congressional Citation from US Congressman Tom Lantos for the E-Soccer program.

Jefferson Award (2007)

Founder Russ Ewell is awarded the prestigious Jefferson Award in recognition of his positive impact on the youth of the Bay Area community.



Our Collaborations.

We are extremely thankful to the great organizations with whom we’ve built some fantastic collaborative relationships and partnerships over the years.


Our Team

Meet our team of specialists, all passionate about inclusion.

Our leadership team is comprised of coaches, athletes and visionaries who have built and continue to direct our E-Sports programs. Each of these leaders provide invaluable experience and a passion to advocate for inclusion. Click their profiles to read their bios or follow on social media.

E-Dance Directors

Bernard and Tracey Jones

Head Coaching Coordinator for E-Soccer

Gerry Iroaga

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