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Empowering kids to reach their full athletic and social potential

Free inclusive sports programs for everyone.

E-Sports includes several Bay Area community service programs that specialize in inclusion, which partners kids with typical and special needs alongside each other in various athletic capacities. These programs have pioneered the inclusive sports philosophy and made an impact on families from California to Kenya.

Our Story

From the backyard to Oracle Arena.

What began as a grassroots, neighborhood soccer program in Foster City, CA has expanded to multiple inclusive sports programs serving hundreds of families annually around the Bay Area and internationally. E-Sports now has growing partnerships with the San Jose Earthquakes, Golden State Warriors, and other Bay Area sports entities.

Inclusion is all about building relationships.

E-Sports is as much about kids’ social experience and building lasting friendships as it is about developing athletic skills and teamwork. Check out our blog “Inclusion Toolkit” for resources on the inclusive philosophy and how to put it into action.

Spread inclusion, start your own E-Program.

Bring our inclusive sports philosophy to a neighborhood near you, by building a new E-Program in your city or just starting grassroots with a few families on your street. Then tell us your story!

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