Our Story

Empowering kids of all abilities to reach their full athletic and social potential

How it all began


The inception of E-Sports began during an afternoon car ride in April, 2000 with two friends talking – one, a dad of two young boys with special needs, and the other, a close friend with a lifelong passion for soccer. The car ride and discussion that day would mark the birth of a pioneering inclusive sports program for kids both with typical and special needs.

Russ Ewell and E-Sports

First Steps

Since its inception 19 years ago, one small E-Soccer program at a neighborhood school in Foster City, CA has expanded into a far-reaching inclusive sports contingent of multiple sports throughout the Bay Area and internationally!


Jefferson Award and Congressional Citation

In 2007, founder Russ Ewell was awarded the prestigious Jefferson Award as well as a Congressional Citation from US Congressman Tom Lantos for the E-Soccer program in recognition of his positive impact on the youth of the Bay Area community.


Growth & Expansion

From 2008 to present, E-Sports in the Bay Area expanded from just four programs (E-Soccer and E-Karate) to now over 20 programs and five sports: soccer, karate, basketball, fitness, and dance. There are now E-Soccer and Hoops programs in Las Vegas, and since 2009, E-International sports programs were launched internationally in India, Kenya, the Philippines, and Guam.



In 2008, E-Soccer joined forces with US Sports Coaching to provide high quality training and instruction for our coaches. In 2017, E-Soccer partnered with Liverpool FC International Academy Bay Area to provide bi-annual coaches training sessions. From 2015-2018, E-Soccer also began ongoing partnerships with the San Jose Earthquakes, University of San Francisco Men’s and Women’s Basketball, and St. Mary’s College Women’s Basketball.

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