How E-Soccer Is Teaching Social Inclusion

How E-Soccer Is Teaching Social Inclusion 1200 800 E-SPORTS
One of the goals we have at E-Sports is to empower, encourage, and teach how to facilitate inclusion to communities across the world. We hope in spreading the idea of inclusion, we can help better communities across the globe. read more

#MyExceptionalStory: Suzie Hernandez

#MyExceptionalStory: Suzie Hernandez 799 448 E-SPORTS

Suzie Hernandez is going into her fourth year at San Francisco State University. Having volunteered at E-Soccer since her freshman year, Suzie is now one of San Francisco E-Soccer’s more…

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#MyExceptionalStory: Gideon Ubaldo

#MyExceptionalStory: Gideon Ubaldo 1400 800 E-SPORTS

Gideon Ubaldo walks out with one of the children for a water break while the rest of the class continues to dance. This child has been having a hard time…

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