The “Just-Right” Challenge

The “Just-Right” Challenge

The “Just-Right” Challenge 871 550 Greg Bodzioch

Kids get motivated by a challenge, like to be stretched, and are inspired when they feel the coach has great expectations of them. In all your drills, you should be looking to challenge your players to keep going beyond. Drills become boring and hum-drum when players can “get it right” almost every time. That “just-right” challenge constantly pushes the player to stretch his or her abilities: As soon as a player can get it right more often than not, “push the envelope” a little farther out to keep stretching them.

About the author

Greg Bodzioch

Greg is the co-founder and director of E-Sports. In 2000, Greg and longtime friend Russ Ewell started the first E-Soccer program. He has led E-Sports to grow to over 1,000 kids participating annually in multiple sports programs around the Bay Area and internationally.

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