E-Soccer Has Far-Reaching Family Impact

E-Soccer Has Far-Reaching Family Impact

E-Soccer Has Far-Reaching Family Impact 1030 759 Greg Bodzioch

We started Fairfield E-Soccer in 2007. There were a few families with children who were 2-3 years old at the time. Though they were very young, we involved them as much as we could. At such a young age, these children would find it hard to participate and often just ran along the fence line while a coach would follow them with a ball in hand. This went on for a few years, but their parents would always show up and be there every week to participate. One family in particular had two boys with special needs, and they have remained friends of our family over the years since then. They have gone camping with our family twice, and this last time (Labor Day 2014) the mom let me in on the following story from her perspective:

“What you and your coaches have done for our family and some others is amazing. This program gave our children a foundation of learning discipline and structure in sports when all the other doors were closed to us. When we came to the program we were skeptical of how we could let our children go off with complete strangers and participate in something we had no clue about. It was difficult at first to not interfere with the process of the program. We had to step in on some occasions. But, as time went on and the children became familiar with the coaches and the expectations, it was easier for us to let the kids go. We felt safe, and we knew our children would be taken care of.”

Now seven years later, they are competing in sports with typical children their age and gaining medals. And in most cases, they are some of the best athletes out there! Her youngest son is one of the fastest and most disciplined kids at the track meets they participate in. He has won numerous 1st place medals in 100 and 200 meter races. As well, the oldest son competes in the shot put and other events, and he is winning medals as well.

The mom attributes their success to the foundation that E-Soccer gave them. And not only them. She keeps up with some of the other families that participated in the program at that time. She informed us that many of these kids are excelling at the sports they play because of the foundation that was laid. She mentioned that the time we spent just going over the same techniques and the same drills gave them the repetition they needed until they were able to perform on their own. Further, she said that the respite they received as parents, even though it was just one hour each Saturday, was a blessing as well.

–Chuck & Wendy Anderson

About the author

Greg Bodzioch

Greg is the co-founder and director of E-Sports. In 2000, Greg and longtime friend Russ Ewell started the first E-Soccer program. He has led E-Sports to grow to over 1,000 kids participating annually in multiple sports programs around the Bay Area and internationally.

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