E-Sports: Turn Hyperactivity into Productivity With Sports

E-Sports: Turn Hyperactivity into Productivity With Sports

E-Sports: Turn Hyperactivity into Productivity With Sports 1400 800 E-SPORTS

Physical activity is a perfect way to turn hyperactivity into productivity. Hyperactivity, commonly seen in ADHD, reveals a child’s need to move, express, and not be contained. Physical activity is an outlet that allows motor skills to improve and energy to be released. E-Sports host various sports programs that allow for that outlet but with the benefit of alongside peers. Here are four programs E-Sports host that allows for children to engage in physical activity and help release energy. (Read Best Activities for Kids with ADHD)


Soccer allows for various health benefits. Soccer builds strength, flexibility and endurance. At E-Soccer coaches do not demand the kids to run while just watching but rather the coaches lead the run and do activities with them. Coaches at E-Soccer are trained and encouraged to make the physical activity entertaining and engaging. Your child may be swimming away from a shark attack, on a safari ride, or jumping over asteroids in space all while running.


After the kids do warm-ups they delve into various stretching exercises.  Stretching improves flexibility. Like running, stretching is done in creative ways to keep your child focused, engaged, and energized. For example, the anterior shoulder stretch is not called the anterior shoulder stretch- it’s the elephant stretch! If you’re on the sidelines watching your child, you can be assured you’ll hear various elephant noises coming from different groups. The standing quad stretch isn’t just that either, it’s the flamingo stretch. Although making a flamingo noise is difficult, each stretch has a creative name to keep the children engaged and excited.


Basketball is 100% a team sport. Learning from the successful Golden State Warriors teamwork makes the dream work. This is reflected in E-Hoops. E-Hoops encourages team participation. By participating at E-Hoops your child will learn how to work with peers to achieve a goal. It may be a simple drill or a non-competitive scrimmage regardless each participation will work together to bring success to the group. Not only that, basketball improves a child’s motor skills and coordination. Free-throw shooting and dribbling really requires hand-eye coordination. When dribbling participants can focus their energy on developing this skill. Basketball also requires running! A perfect way to release energy while feeling productive. Being able to run on the court and contribute to the team helps your child feel successful and a team player.


Karate takes focus. E-Karate helps children channel that hyperactivity and extra energy into focusing on the kicks, hits, and movements. As participants learn karate exercises and movements they’ll gain confidence. When your child masters a certain kick or hit, you’ll see their face glow and you can see the confidence overflow. Mastering a movement is something that takes focus. The hyperactivity actually can help the child be great at karate. Each movement requires strength, energy and endurance. Those who have ADHD are enduring as their hyperactivity is a benefit. When your child participates at E-Karate their ADHD becomes their strength.


E-Fitness includes children of all ranges, ages, and abilities. Fitness works to promote full body health alongside nutrition and physical activity. Various activities like running, jumping jacks, skips, ladder drills and stretches are common among E-Fitness sessions. How E-Fitness stands out from other fitness classes is that E-Fitness focuses on drills and activities that have functional benefit for daily living. There is purpose to each exercise, activity, and drill. This teaches your child that their own hyperactivity has purpose to be used for productivity. For example, building shoulder strength is not done simply practiced just to be strong but has a purpose like being able to take a jar off a shelf in the kitchen or taking out the garbage. At E-Fitness participants learn the benefits and functionality to exercise, stretching and various drills.

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