How E-Fitness started and what to expect

E-Fitness is fun and adaptable exercise for all ages.

E-Fitness helps kids and young adults improve stability, hand-eye coordination, and social skills in an inclusive environment.

It’s important to maintain the motivation to stay physically active, whether you have typical or special needs. E-Fitness offers an adaptable set of simple and fun exercises in a casual class setting, with the primary goal being a meaningful inclusive experience for all involved.

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A bit of history

In 2016, participants from our E-Karate program recognized that while most people were enjoying the sessions in the dojo, there were some who weren’t able to enjoy the experience due to their physical or emotional limitations. E-Fitness was launched in an effort to help everyone benefit from fun physical activity.

What to expect

An E-Fitness session is comprised of an ever-changing selection of warmups, stretches, drills, games and other activities designed to improve physical wellness. Everyone can participate, and no one is left out.

Checking in

Upon arrival, find your location’s coordinator. They’ll check your registration and answer any questions.

All ages welcome

Unlike our other programs, E-Fitness is not restricted to just kids. Parents or other adults are welcome to participate.

Flexiable activities

E-Fitness strives to be inclusive, as well as adaptable to anyone’s needs. We’ll make sure everyone can participate.

What they’re saying

E-Fitness stories.

Our volunteers are passionate about creating meaningful inclusive experiences for every child. Here are some of their stories.

Football Drills and Yoga Poses: The Story of E-Fitness 1200 800 Mike Query

Football Drills and Yoga Poses: The Story of E-Fitness

E-Fitness is an exciting opportunity for kids and adults to improve their strength, mobility, hand-eye coordination and more.

Coach Highlight: Ethan Yang 1200 800 Jackson Schaefer

Coach Highlight: Ethan Yang

Ethan is one of many coaches within the E-Sports community changing the world through inclusion.

An Interview with E-Fitness Volunteer Coach Sho 1200 800 Greg Bodzioch

An Interview with E-Fitness Volunteer Coach Sho

Sho Yamamoto is a running back for the Leland High School football team. He has been coaching at E-Fitness for the past two seasons.

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