Our Philosophy
E-Sports is built on the idea that we can all grow more together than apart.

Our mission statement

Exceptional Sports (E-Sports) is a fully inclusive program dedicated to empowering kids of all abilities to reach their full athletic and social potential.

The “E” in E-Sports stands for “exceptional” because we believe all people, both with typical and special needs, are exceptional. The “E” also implies “education”, reflecting our mission to keep learning and growing as we serve this community of families.

Our Values

Our E-Programs are build on a strong belief that inclusion empowers everyone.

The Right ``E-nvironment``

We value building inner character traits such as patience, perseverance, selflessness, courage, and commitment.

Building character

Building character is more important to the developing athlete than simply teaching the motor skills and game knowledge for a sport.

Inclusive training

It’s beneficial for the participating kids to be trained in an environment where there are a wide array of strengths and challenges.

Valuing teamwork

We aim to build an environment where effort and cooperation are valued over simply skill performance and personal success.

The real winners

The “winner” of any E-Sports activity is the participant who strives to make the group successful and not just themselves.

No kid left behind

No child is left behind or left out of our practices. We reshape and reframe what makes a successful sports program for kids.

How a typical kid benefits from E-Sports

E-Sports fills a gap in character education and training that is not often addressed in schools and athletic programs.

For all coaches and children involved, the inclusive environment trains special qualities of heart and character: empathy, compassion, leadership, and selflessness. This experience for these young coaches and participants provides a special flavor of community involvement that will prepare them for leadership roles in high school, college, and on into their professional lives.

Growing up, I never really was around people with different needs. Being a part of E-Dance and teaching what I know was scary at first, but has been a better experience I thought it could be. It was diverse in a way I never imagined. Fun too!

Gideon UbaldoE-Dance coach

Because of E-Sports, now if I see people at my school I try to include them no matter who they are. I’ll try to bring them into the activity and try to get them involved in whatever we’re doing in class or just like even hanging out with them after school or like during break.”

Leland HsuE-Soccer participant

I never thought I’d be doing E-Soccer or be involved with helping kids with special needs and [typical] needs. But yeah I think it’s just helped me gain a better understanding and have more compassion and really be involved with helping the people around me and the youth around me.

Suzie HernandezE-Soccer coach

With E-Soccer I’m just so amazed. Honestly I’ve had a great time with E-Soccer So the way it’s changed my perspective is that I feel included with everyone else. No one says, ‘oh this guy has autism, he should be with the autistic [group].’ Nope, here it’s everyone included. ”

Larry LarkinE-Soccer participant

“As our group grows larger, the younger coaches are inspired to mature and grow because they are needed. Coach Adam has learned to be more compassionate, thoughtful, aggressive, disciplined, and selfless through his maturation as a junior coach.”

RobertE-Hoops Coach

Some of our drills require the players to rely on each other. We try to put each child in a position in which they can work on a weakness, but at the same time they can utilize their strengths. This way, both kids with special needs and typical kids learn that they need each other equally.

GerryE-Soccer Coach

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