“This Is Me” An Origin Story of How E-Soccer Began

“This Is Me” An Origin Story of How E-Soccer Began

“This Is Me” An Origin Story of How E-Soccer Began 1400 800 Nathan Schaffernoth

This podcast episode tells the story of E-Soccer and the origins of what would become E-Sports (E-Karate, E-Hoops, E-Fitness, E-Dance, & E-soccer)

This is Me podcast is a reference and inspired by the song from The Greatest Showman, framing the thinking around inclusion and what E-Sports really represents.

Greg Bodzioch and Russ Ewell’s simple conversation in a car ride in January 2000 sparked the idea that became E-Soccer. Russ was expressing the desire for his kids, both with special needs, to be able to play sports and make friends like so many typical kids can. Greg had played professional soccer overseas and had an infectious passion for the game. They brought their experiences and expertise together and started with a small group of special needs and typical kids playing soccer together on a Saturday morning

Nathan Schaffernoth shares his experience of going to E-Soccer in Middle School, talking about how it changed his view of people with special needs and naturally developing the ability to have compassion through interaction.

What started as something for just his kids and friends began to span and grow as they realized how many families could benefit from inclusion. The word got out about the program as more and more families and volunteers started flooding in. E-Soccer teaches people to have empathy not only for special needs kids, but for everyone. That is something that this world could use a lot more of.

They will be releasing more episodes on the genesis of E-Soccer and teach you how you can start your own program in your community.

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About the author

Nathan Schaffernoth

Nathan has a B.S. in kinesiology, with an emphasis on neuromuscular science. He has been an E-Sports participant and now coordinator, and is currently a podcast and video producer for the E-Sports digital media team.

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