1st Annual E-Soccer West Valley College Clinic!

1st Annual E-Soccer West Valley College Clinic! 1400 800 E-SPORTS

 This past Saturday was our first annual E-Soccer clinic at West Valley College!  Alex Saunders ​ (Academy Director of San Jose Earthquakes and President of Liverpool Bay Area) started…

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#MyExceptionalStory: Leland Hsu

#MyExceptionalStory: Leland Hsu 1600 1280 E-SPORTS

Since the age of ten, Leland Hsu has been spending his Saturdays volunteering at the E-Soccer located in Foster City. E-Soccer is a soccer program focused less on the performance…

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#MyExceptionalStory: Shawn Wilson

#MyExceptionalStory: Shawn Wilson 1400 800 E-SPORTS

Shawn Wilson, incoming college freshmen at Santa Clara University, values the diverse perspectives that he can learn from inclusive communities. As a kid Wilson was a part of E-Soccer, an…

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