1st Annual E-Soccer West Valley College Clinic!

1st Annual E-Soccer West Valley College Clinic!

1st Annual E-Soccer West Valley College Clinic! 1400 800 E-SPORTS

This past Saturday was our first annual E-Soccer clinic at West Valley College!  Alex Saunders
​ (Academy Director of San Jose Earthquakes and President of Liverpool Bay Area) started out the day talking about his personal experience working with E-Soccer.  Saunders has led many of our E-Soccer coaches trainings , bringing a lot of creativity to the curriculum.  Once Saunders shared his story, E-Sports Coordinator Greg Bodzioch gave people directions and the day began!

Liverpool players setting up the balls for the “soccer bowling” drill

It was great to see the Liverpool Bay Area players (those in the red uniforms) sharing their talents and what they had learned at their program with our E-Soccer players.  They were very encouraging and kind towards their peers throughout the event.  The Liverpool Bay Area coaching staff was also there to give guidance and high fives to our E-Soccer players.

West Valley College Men’s Team member talks with E-Soccer player

The West Valley College Men’s Soccer Team ran a station that had a blow up goal and boundaries.  Towering over most of our players, these gentle giants led the kids in exciting scrimmages.  They focused on including all of our players.  Their example in leadership and giving is sure to make an impact on the younger soccer players around them.

E-Soccer player dribbling down the field

Our E-Soccer families were excited and welcoming.  The children brought their energy to the field.  Parents brought their care and support.  E-Soccer coaches were happy to reconnect with familiar faces and share a sunny day with some fantastic people.

Thank you E-Soccer families, E-Soccer coaches, Liverpool Bay Area, and West Valley College for all that you did to make this event happen!

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