Coach Highlight: Luke Hofstetter

Coach Highlight: Luke Hofstetter

Coach Highlight: Luke Hofstetter 1200 800 Jackson Schaefer

E-Sports benefits thousands of children worldwide every weekend.  However, we wouldn’t have nearly as much impact as a program without the service, sacrifice, and leadership of our volunteer coaches.  These special individuals embody the heart of E-Sports by facilitating, leading, and exemplifying inclusion every time they step onto the field, court, studio, or dojo. 

Luke Hofstetter is a 17 year old student about to begin his freshman year at Foothill College.  After the Summer concludes, he will be pursuing a degree in Computer Science. Luke’s primary role in E-Sports is a volunteer head coach at E-Soccer in Foster City for kids ranging in age from 5 to 7 years old.  He has been a volunteer head coach in E-Sports for the past 5 years and has been involved in the program ever since his parents brought him for the first time to participate in E-Soccer 12 years ago. 

When asked what his favorite part about volunteering at E-Soccer, Luke said, “Seeing the kids be happy and make new friends and helping children with typical needs make friends with children with special needs.”  

Because Luke was able to benefit from the inclusive environment E-Sports provided for him, he became inspired to volunteer at E-Soccer to help foster inclusive environments for other children. 

When asked about how he has benefited from volunteering at E-Soccer, Luke answered, “I’ve made so many friends from E-Sports and I’ve gotten a different perspective on children with special needs.  By volunteering at E-Sports, I’ve seen that children with special needs do not have to be defined by their limitations. Children with special needs are just as able to participate in physical activity as children with typical needs.”

Luke is one of many coaches within the E-Sports community changing the world through inclusion.  If you are interested in being a part of the E-Sports community or volunteering at any E-Sports session across the Bay Area, please apply today or contact us. Let us include you so that we can change the world together!

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