E-Soccer Returns To Avaya Stadium

E-Soccer Returns To Avaya Stadium

E-Soccer Returns To Avaya Stadium 1200 800 Jackson Schaefer

What do you get when you cross the full force of our E-Sports participants, high-caliber and  skilled academy players, and the playing field at Avaya Stadium? 

You get inclusion!  

On November 3rd, E-Sports was given the extraordinary opportunity to hold a series of special E-Soccer sessions at the home of the San Jose Earthquakes, Avaya Stadium.  We call this event “Quakes Day“.

This event was unlike any E-Sports event we have ever done. This was not the first time E-Soccer has come to Avaya Stadium. However, this was the very first time E-Soccer was given the unique chance to take our sessions to new heights by learning and acquiring new soccer skills on the same field the San Jose Earthquakes play on for their major league home matches!  

While on the field at Avaya Stadium, our E-Sports participants worked and trained alongside high caliber players on the Earthquakes Academy team.  This event was a huge success thanks to the Earthquakes organization as well as the service of our devoted and one of a kind E-Sports coaching volunteer corps.

We are immensely grateful for the Earthquakes organization recognizing and helping our mission to assist every child we can reach their full athletic and social potential through inclusion.

Special partnerships

E-Sports would not be the same without all of the help it has received from its partnerships with organizations like the San Jose Earthquakes.  We wish to send a special thank you to them, all of their volunteers, and all of the services they have offered us both recently and throughout the years.  

This event is one of many E-Sports provides to the Bay Area community that proves inclusion has the power to change the world.

To learn more about our event at Avaya Stadium, click here to watch this video recap presented by the San Jose Earthquakes organization.

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