Coaching Tips: Motor Control Theory and the Ultimate Goal of E-Sports Training

Coaching Tips: Motor Control Theory and the Ultimate Goal of E-Sports Training

Coaching Tips: Motor Control Theory and the Ultimate Goal of E-Sports Training 1200 686 E-SPORTS

The ultimate goals of E-Sports (Exceptional Sports) coaching are:

  • Include people of all abilities to the fullest
  • Work to help people further develop their motor skills

These goals are what set E-Sports apart from traditional sports programs, making it an exceptional environment filled with exceptional people.

In order to implement the goals of E-Sports, we need to understand the Motor Control Theory from the ecological perspective.

About Motor Control Theory

There are 3 elements of any motor task (i.e. passing a soccer ball, shooting a basketball, etc)

  • The task: the activity we ask people to participate in.
  • The environment: the physical space people are in and the way they are treated by the people in that space.
  • The individual: the abilities and skills that a person possesses.

To pursue the ultimate goal of inclusion, we emphasize the importance of 1) the task and 2) the environment.

What often prevents people with special needs from being included in an activity is not their motor or communication skills, but the environment around them and the tasks they have been asked to perform. This concept can be seen in this anonymous quote:

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

At E-Sports, we adjust the tasks that we give people and the environment in which they learn according to what works for them. This allows everyone to be successful and challenged to work toward their own potential.

Common Task Adjustments:

  • Break down complex skills into bite-size steps
  • Adjust the difficulty level for each child’s ability
  • Visual cues, demonstrations, and instructions
  • Clear, simple verbal instructions
  • Set structures and routines for each practice

Common Environmental Adjustments:

  • One-on-one coaches
  • Peer helpers
  • Small group sizes

Here are 3 specific areas we often face in coaching E-Sports:

  • coaching a child with attention challenges
  • coaching a child with balance and coordination challenges
  • strength and conditioning for a child with special needs

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