Local DJ’s and Incredible Volunteers Help USF E-Hoops Fall Season Kick Off in Style

This past Sunday, DJ’s Armand Carr (KBLX 102.9) and Freska Griarte (KOIT 96.5) gave talks on passion and inclusion at the USF E-Hoops fall season kickoff. They spoke of “Passing On Your Passion” and about E-Hoops being a “Turning Point” in the lives of the children who attend. The USF E-Hoops is thankful to begin working together with Armand and Freska. The University of San Francisco’s Men’s & Women’s Basketball have now been serving E-Hoops for over three years, and other groups have joined the team: University of Pacific Dental School students, San Francisco University High School boys’ varsity basketball, San Francisco State University students and City College of San Francisco students.

Our program is dedicated to its inclusive vision, with a balance of children with special needs and children with typical needs among the 74 participants this season. The program has expanded from one to two sessions each week to meet the growing demand. We are especially grateful to USF for being the home of the San Francisco E-Hoops program, and can’t wait to see how our E-Hoops team impacts the city!

Check out the videos below to see USF E-Hoops in action and hear segments from Freska and Armand speaking to the volunteers…

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