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01 Introduction

What is an E-Sports program, and how could starting one help my community?
01 Introduction

02 Identifying your participants

Who is your program going to serve (both typical and special needs)?
02 Identifying your participants

03 Building your team

How do I get others involved? Inspiring people to join the cause.
03 Building your team

04 Training your volunteers

Equip your coaches and participants to help you run a successful program.
04 Training your volunteers

05 Planning your kickoff session

Securing your location and equipment, communicating with all involved.
05 Planning your kickoff session

06 Success stories

Hear from people who are starting their own impactful E-Programs.
06 Success stories

01 What is an E-Program?

E-Sports is an inclusive program with a mission to empower children of all abilities to reach their full social and athletic potential.

No matter the level of physicality involved in the activity, E-Sports brings children with both typical and special needs together in a non-competitive and welcoming environment that focuses on improving both social and motor skills. Your program’s mission should be to develop and foster relationships of kids of all abilities.

The Hope of Inclusion
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Podcast: Why Inclusion Matters In Society
The Price of Isolation: How E-Sports Sees Opportunity in Challenges

01 Introduction

What is an E-Program?

02 Identifying your participants.

Who is your program going to serve? Start by honing in on what need you’d like to address in your community.

E-Sports is unique in that both special needs kids and typical kids are both served. Your program should aim to develop great social experiences for kids of all abilities, and foster relationships between their parents.

What E-Soccer Coaches Want Parents To Know
For New Participants: What to Expect at E-Sports
Inclusion Should Exist Beyond the Classroom
5 Ways A Child With Special Needs Can Have An Active Lifestyle

02 Identifying your participants

Choose who you will be serving

03 Building your team.

An effective E-Program needs a solid pool of engaged volunteers, inspired parents and active participants.

This is your personnel to help you launch and run your program from week to week. Check out our resources for ideas on roles each person can play. Depending on the size of your program, you may not need every role mentioned.

The Role of A Head Coach
The Role of an Assistant Coach
The Role of a Peer Coach: Friendship
5 Ways E-Sports Benefits Typical Kids
Podcast: Finding a Special Needs Doctor
E-Soccer Prepared Me for College

03 Building your team

Placing the right people in the right roles

04 Training your volunteers.

Your volunteers carry the special and unique responsibility of facilitating the inclusive environments that make and E-Program a difference maker in the community.

The key is training your head coaches first to understand the basics of the special needs they’ll be serving, and how to adapt their sports-specific drills appropriate. Most of the learning for all involved will happen in the trenches. A constant dialogue with parents is a must.

Quick Reference: Coaching a Child With Autism / Asperger’s Syndrome
Quick Reference: Coaching a Child With ADD / ADHD
Quick Reference: Coaching a Child With Down Syndrome
5 Ways to Communicate with a Nonverbal Child at E-Sports
Tips for Siblings of Kids with Special Needs
How to Build a Child’s Confidence at E-Sports

04 Training your volunteers

Helping your key people be equipped to coach

05 Planning your kickoff session.

Once your idea and team are set, all that’s left is to secure a location, acquire the necessary equipment, and begin communication with all involved.

Training will continue as you go, as you learn your participants’ needs and particular challenges. See the items in this section to help you get moving to day one.

E-Program launch checklist
How to Start an Inclusive Club at Your High School
Coaching Tips: Making, Leading and Communicating the Agenda
5 Steps To Emotionally Include Someone

05 Planning your kickoff session

Training will continue as you go

06 Success stories.

Hear from people who’ve started E-Programs, and learn about the impact they made on their community. Have a story you want to share with us? Let us know.

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E-Gaming Is Using Video Games to Build Social Capital

We’re very excited to see another example of an E-Sports participant take the spirit of our inclusive programs and run with it.

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