E-Fitness Teaches a Lifestyle

E-Fitness Teaches a Lifestyle

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As E-Sports has developed over the years since the original E-Soccer program, we soon added martial arts programs and then basketball programs in the past few years. It’s been exciting to see all the inclusive principles and successes that began with E-Soccer transfer so fluidly into these other sports as we’ve matured into a multi-sport program over 17 years. At the same time, we have recognized along the way that we needed a program that would uniquely help older kids develop a fit lifestyle as they mature into adulthood.

At E-Sports, the environment of friendship and inclusion has been crucial in motivating kids to be consistent in their attendance, which has provided an added health value. As children transition into adulthood, they need motivational help not only staying fit but, more importantly, learning to develop a fit lifestyle. One study found that among teens with Down syndrome, 86% were either overweight or obese. Those figures are just as startling for teens with other disabilities.

E-Fitness, our newest addition to E-Sports in 2015, is designed to teach fitness to kids and young adults in an inclusive environment, providing them the tools to stay fit as they mature. More than the team sport drills, E-Fitness has the advantage of tailoring exercises that target very specific muscle groups and movements. This can be especially advantageous for kids with low muscle tone or balance/coordination challenges, common to special needs individuals. And all activities can be easily adjustable for people of all ages and abilities working together. In fact, one day at Sunnyvale E-Fitness we had a 7 year old and 70 year old doing the same activity together!

It’s our hope that E-Fitness will promote a “lifestyle of fitness”, educating and inspiring the kids and young adults involved to continue an ongoing fit lifestyle as they mature.

About the author

Greg Bodzioch

Greg is the co-founder and director of E-Sports. In 2000, Greg and longtime friend Russ Ewell started the first E-Soccer program. He has led E-Sports to grow to over 1,000 kids participating annually in multiple sports programs around the Bay Area and internationally.

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